"HRH Prince Charles" portrayed by Charles Haslett

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Have you heard the one Pub's open - who's round?

The official double for Prince Charles at his 50th birthday celebration held at the Lyceum Theatre, London - taking his place in the Royal Box whilst HRH role-played on stage.

Charles has impersonated HRH Prince Charles internationally since 1994.

The most successful double to not only look authentic (complete with bald patch!) but also deliver an accurate voice. This impersonation is widely used to deliver speeches, present awards and generally bring a 'Royal' presence to any event such as corporate and private functions, exhibitions and conferences, product launches and promotions.

Christmas Parties & New Year

The “Prince of Wales” can attend your Christmas Party (if appropriate!)  Or HRH can welcome in the New Year at your New Year’s Eve celebration!


PRINCE CHARLES can be hired as a Wedding Guest or as a VIP guest speaker (friend of the family) to say a short speech and introduce the Father of the Bride. 

Often PRINCE CHARLES performs his speech after MANUEL has entertained during the meal.

UK TV Credits include: The Big Breakfast, Kilroy, The Time The Place, Lorraine Live.

International TV appearances in Hong Kong, Belgium, Spain, Malta, South Africa and Germany.

Media Clips

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