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King Charles



Charles is a member of Equity and available for adverts, voice-overs, radio, television and films.

Corporate, social and charitable events also feature prominently in Charles’s repertoire. Examples are receptions, openings, fundraising, sports events presentations, VIP guest speaker at weddings, anniversaries or birthdays.

There are many different lookalikes. Charles is not just a lookalike, his acting ability brings the character to life entertaining your guests in any situation and with a track record stretching back to 1994, never fails to impress.

ITV Link:- this morning Britain 20/04/2023

Charles Haslett as King Charles

Charles’s impersonation of HM King Charles 111 comes to life as he approaches guests with a military bearing and gait reminiscent of the king (having had military training himself in bygone years.)

“Thinking-on-the-spot”, mimicking the king’s wide ranging facial expressions while modulating his baritone voice is Charles’s forte whilst bantering with guests or indeed delivering a speech or an opening ceremony.

Impeccably tailored suits, shirts by Turnbull & Asser and authentic jewellery complete Charles’s visual image.

The real king is nearly eight years older but Charles tries to bridge the gap with make-up applications.

Widely used to deliver speeches in character, present awards and give a ‘Royal presence’ to any suitable occasion.

Factual information

Professional engagements since 1994

Charles Haslett officially doubled for the real Prince in an acting scene at Prince Charles’s 50th birthday celebrations held at The Lyceum Theatre, London in 1998.

Credits around the time of the coronation:

The New York Times (US and International editions) front page.

The Times

The Daily Mirror

Television appearance:

ITV This Morning 20th April 2023

Previous TV appearances:

The Big Breakfast, Kilroy, The Time The Place, Lorraine Live.

Cult “reincarnation” of Peter Sellers. Thinks like Sellers, Speaks like Sellers.

king Charles

Charles Haslett easily adopts The look, The voice and Body language of “The King in waiting.”

You Tube Swans #1

You Tube Swans #2

You Tube Charles at Phyllis court