Charles Haslett as King Charles


Charles feels an affinity for this character developed and honed by the eccentricity and immense talent of Peter Sellers and takes great pride in striving to reproduce the “Clouseau effect” when bantering and mixing with clients, searching for ‘clues’.

Charles has mastered the knack of ‘Clouseau speak’ for any words in any conversation – not only “does your dorg bite!”  Ad-libbing in ‘Clouseau Franglaise’ comes naturally – no script required.

Black leather gloves, magnifying glass, moustache and authentic raincoat and hat complete the characterisation.

Used at Pink Panther themed events, murder mysteries and corporate treasure hunts.

Factual information

Started professionally 1994.

Featured as Inspector Clouseau in ‘Sellers on Sellers’ biography by Mike Sellers and Gary Morecambe 2000. Published by Andre Deutsch. Page 164.

High profile events have included:

KPMG corporate treasure hunt in Paris.

PricewaterhouseCoopers LLC (London) corporate treasure hunt in Amsterdam.

Fedex High Achievers Award 4 day event in Monaco.

New Years Eve party 2020, Gstaad Hotel, Switzerland. VIP welcoming every guest at this iconic venue – hosting ‘Return of the Pink Panther’ movie 1975.  Invited back to be part of the hotel’s promotional movie in 2020 but alas cancelled owing to Covid-19.